Lenovo TrackPoint fix

The issue

Over a year ago, the first reports of issues with the Lenovo TrackPoint devices appeared on the Internet. TrackPoints would suddenly stop working completely. The laptop has to be rebooted (although sleep-mode seems to help on older models) before the TrackPoint will work again. For some machines / users this happens multiple times a day, others are affected a few times per week. 

This issue was reported to Lenovo at least 10 months ago, but Lenovo has yet to provide a fix.

Since then, the community has tried to gain attention for this issue through social media (@Lenovo, @LenovoThinkpad @LenovoINsiders) and other channels.

This seems to help a little bit, Lenovo is still not taking this issue serious. Several users, including me, were asked to return their affected laptop to be investigated. Like most, I asked for a (temporary) replacement laptop before I allow them to pick up my laptop. That was over a month ago.


The community has been doing the investigation Lenovo should have been doing. Based on this work, I was able to create a workaround that wakes your TrackPoint without the need to reboot:

fix-trackpoint v0.1

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